NYC Meet Up

Mar 29

NYC Meet Up

March 29, 2015. Join us on a Sunday evening to relax, grab a tasty beverage and chat about your upcoming adventures, shoots, and more.

Adventure Film School GoPro Mountain Games 2015

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The Threshold Moment

There are moments in our lives that shape who we are and how we look at the world. These thresholds can alter the course of your life & open doors that you never knew existed.

El Avalanchisto

When Matt McKee first heard about the position forecasting avalanches for Minera Pimenton, a gold mine in the Chilean Andes, it sounded like the snow geek’s dream job.

Meridian Line, featuring art from Jeremy Collins

If you’re an adventurer, it’s likely you’ve seen Jeremy Collins’ art at your local film festival, featured in Rock & Ice, Patagonia, and countless other outdoor brands. Self described as a instigator+director+creator+climber+story teller, Jeremy Collins’ art inspires others to create, take action, and appreciate what’s around us. We dig it. His art is now featured on his new brand Meridian Line.

“Meridian Line is a lifestyle brand that has started with my art on shirts and wood prints, but will lead to other things soon”, says Jeremy. “I wanted to build something with SOUL.”