Film & Social: PAF 2014

Film & Social: PAF 2014

Nov 3, 2014. Join the Mazamas, Sierra Club Military Outdoors & AFS veteran alumni for a night of films & fun at Portland Alpine Festival. Free Admission.

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Craigslist Joe

In the mist of a tanking economy, Joe Garner embarked on a bold adventure to live solely on Craigslist & the kindness of others for one month.


Not all who wander are lost. We certainly found that to be true when we first saw Maidentrip hit adventure film festival screens last year.

Meridian Line, featuring art from Jeremy Collins

If you’re an adventurer, it’s likely you’ve seen Jeremy Collins’ art at your local film festival, featured in Rock & Ice, Patagonia, and countless other outdoor brands. Self described as a instigator+director+creator+climber+story teller, Jeremy Collins’ art inspires others to create, take action, and appreciate what’s around us. We dig it. His art is now featured on his new brand Meridian Line.

“Meridian Line is a lifestyle brand that has started with my art on shirts and wood prints, but will lead to other things soon”, says Jeremy. “I wanted to build something with SOUL.”