GoPro Mountain Games 2014

OAFS_gopro_header Join us at the GoPro Mountain Games in Vail, June 4-11, 2014. Enjoy VIP filmmaker access at the country’s largest celebration of adventure sports, art and music. Professional and amateur outdoor adventure athletes from the Vail Valley and around the world will converge upon the mountains and rivers of Vail to compete in nine sports and 25 disciplines including: x-country, slopestyle and road cycling, freestyle, 8-Ball, sprint and extreme kayaking, raft cross, World Cup Bouldering, stand up paddle sprint and surf cross, as well as trail, mud and road running, dog comps and the Ultimate Mountain Challenge.

Course Itinerary

May, 2014: Pre-production
During the month of May, you will spend time thinking and preparing to shoot your film at the GoPro Mountain Games. We will kick things off with a Skype call where you will meet some of your instructors and fellow participants. Between 1:1 calls with instructors during story development & resources we provide, you will identify the story you want to tell, develop a treatment and shot list, and prepare a short pitch. If you are unsure of the story you’re like to tell, no problem. We have sourced a few example ideas to get the creative juices flowing.

Day 1, June 4th: Orientation & Kick-off Dinner
Arrive in beautiful Vail, Colorado and enjoy a nice meal together as we orient ourselves on the upcoming trip. Meet your team & crew at our in-town lodging at Antlers at Vail Resort at 5pm. You will get settled in, make introductions, and get oriented for the week adventure. The kick-off is your chance to mingle, pitch your film idea, hear from the instructors. You should expect to have a complete equipment & gear check prior to the days shooting. Antlers at Vail is our in-town lodging & editing location for the week.

Day 2, June 5th: Day one, Mountain Games
Let the mountain games begin! Participants and instructors head to town for a feel of the land. Meet with your subjects or start the day exploring to get those perfect shots. Your special media pass gives you exclusive access to all events with the opportunity to interview, ask questions and see the real deal up close!

Day 3, June 6th: Second Day, Mountain Games
Catch a free shuttle from our hotel or hit the trail along Gore Creek for the second day of the GoPro Mountain Games. Take your pick from a number of high-energy competitions or try to cover them all: bouldering, dock dogs, mountain biking, freestyle kayaking, fly-fishing, slack lining, and more. Spend the day asking questions, getting your shots & interviewing in beautiful Vail Valley Village.

Day 4, June 7th: Third Day, Mountain Games
Continue filming on the third day of the GoPro Mountain Games. Each day presents new competitions and athletes to follow. Utilize your all access media pass for those personal and in the moment footage.

Day 5, June 8th: Final day of Mountain Games / Editing Day 1
Get your final shots on the fourth day of the GoPro Mountain Games, don’t miss the finals that conclude the games & events. You’ll begin editing you films in the private editing room hosted in Antlers at Vail. Learn how to use the tools of your editing software, download your footage and begin laying down the first sequences of your short film.

Day 6, June 9th: Editing Day 2
Today is a full day of editing, edit at your own pace and receive individualized help based on the what level you are at. There will be instructors & staff members available all during your editing session if you need help or have questions.

Day 7, June 10th: Editing Wrap-up and Film Festival
Final day of editing. Learn how to put the finishing touches on your film and how to export the final product. An evening screening of all participant films will be held with a graduation ceremony concluding the school.

Day 8, June 11th: Students Departure
Outside Adventure Film School concludes and participants fly home.

What’s Included

Accommodations at the Antlers in Vail

Orientation Dinner June 4th in Vail, CO. Meet the Outside adventure Film School crew, participants, and pitch your film concept for feedback and mingling!

All access media passes to GoPro Mountain Games. Get up close & personal with athletes & event venues.

Professional Filmmaking/Editing 8 days of Instruction from some of the best adventure filmmakers around!

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Course Summary

  Multi-Sport Event
  June 4 – 11, 2014
  Vail, Colorado

How It Works

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2014 Adventure Film Festival: Speaker Series Workshop Ad

What They’re Saying

anthony_cerretaniI always wanted to be a director. Like any movie junkie that grew up in the 80s watching big budget adventure films with grandiose sets and exotic locales, I was hooked. So, I took on a film major and considered moving to LA.

But halfway through college, I realized I was more interested in the articles, stories, and films about adventurers, explorers, altruists, and real people dealing with everyday life, whether they were on the open sea, in the Colorado backcountry, or down the block.

The question was how to get the experience, education, and training from the right people; film pros that had in-the-field knowledge and would challenge me to think about every element of the storytelling process, from the philosophy behind the Hero’s Journey, to the logic of creating an intricate scene, to the brass tacks skills it would take to shoot quality footage, edit it, and produce a finished project.

I waited a while to find that combination of experience and education but when I heard that Michael Brown was starting a film school—and an adventure film school at that—I salivated at the idea of learning from the director of Farther than the Eye Can See and so many documentary productions, I can’t count—and I doubt if he can either.

Over the course of three separate schools with Serac Adventure Films, I completed a backcountry expedition to Peru’s Machu Picchu– which I filmed and turned into a 13-minute movie devoted to travel, adventure, and family– got schooled in the basics of editing in Final Cut Pro, and learned the art of creating short, web-ready clips.

Whether we’re creating a two-minute gear review or a five-minute travel film, my staff and I regularly use these tools and teachings on Backpacker.com. We even asked Serac to take our staff on a private, in-the-field training, getting them prepared to shoot in the field on assignment and edit the finished film.

I acquired more practical knowledge of adventure filmmaking with Serac than I did in almost four years of film school. Because of their philosophy of experiential learning combined with practical application, I’ve been able to use those skills both in work and play with great success.

jack_mccowan_largeI traveled from Australia to attend the Adventure Film School and it didn’t disappoint. It was awesome to be amongst fellow aspiring adventure filmmakers on our own adventure and having to take full responsibility for creating our own short adventure film. The best part of the the film school was being able to bounce ideas off fellow students and the instructors which often led to gaining a totally different perspective on the film.

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