G+ Hangout with Jeremy Collins

If you’re not familiar with Jeremy Collins‘ work, let us introduce you! Self described as a instigator+director+creator+climber+story teller, Jeremy Collins’ art inspires others to create, take action, appreciate what’s around us. We’re big fans.

Film Premiere, Kickstarter, and Google Hangout

In April, Jeremy Collins announced his latest film + book project: Drawn. Recently launching their project on Kickstarter, the film raised over 50K in just 1 week. But the campaign does not stop there.

The Wolf and The MedallionThe outpouring of community support re-surfaced demand for another one of Jeremy’s projects: The Wolf and The Medallion, presented as a letter home to his son from a climb on the China/Mongolia border. “As vulnerable as it is to put a piece of art on the wall and say “here is my art, world, what do you think?”; sharing my film online with the VIRTUAL world is even more so,” he told The Joy Trip Project. “Creating The Wolf & The Medallion was so important to me on so many levels, and I have held it back online because it just didn’t feel like the right venue. I was nostalgic for the live show with the musicians and performance aspect. After three years of requests and such a recent outpouring of support for Drawn, I decided it was time to let it have its online premiere.”

Partnering with ItsAShort, a new online distribution resource for short films, the film will finally have it’s online premiere on May 12th, 2014. Following the event, Jeremy and composer Andy Michael will be online to answer your questions in a Google Hangout. Working in collaboration with The Joy Trip Project, we will be hosting the second half of the hangout. We’ll ask your burning questions about his kickstarter campaign, film distribution, and what we can expect next.

Have a question for Jeremy about FILMMAKING, ADVENTURE, or KICKSTARTER? Post it in the comments below or use hashtag #TheWolfandTheMedallion on Facebook/Twitter to have it asked on the show! You’ll be entered to win GEAR from Outdoor Research & Evov, Prana, Jeremy Collins Art, and more.

What to Expect

Film Premiere + Google Hangout. Monday 5/12 6PM PST / 8 PM CST

Ask questions and interact with Jeremy (filmmaker) & Andy (composer)

 Support Jeremy’s projects by sharing, commenting, & watching

How to Register

  1. Visit http://itsashort.com/users/new
  2. Enter Promo Code ‘gold’ for 1-month FREE access.
  3. On Monday 5/12 —- Watch #WolfAndTheMedallion 6PM PST / 8 PM CST
  4. Join us on YouTube and watch the Google Hangout LIVE! following the event (~6:30PM PST / 8:30 PM CST)
  5. Ask questions & WIN! In the comments below, on tweet us @OutsideAFS, or leave a comment on Facebook! Use #TheWolfandTheMedallion

Event Summary

Online Premiere & Google Hangout
 May 12th, 2014, 8PM CST
Register & Watch. Promo code “gold”
Join the G+ Hangout

2014 Adventure Film Festival: Speaker Series Workshop Ad

What They’re Saying

anthony_cerretaniI always wanted to be a director. Like any movie junkie that grew up in the 80s watching big budget adventure films with grandiose sets and exotic locales, I was hooked. So, I took on a film major and considered moving to LA.

But halfway through college, I realized I was more interested in the articles, stories, and films about adventurers, explorers, altruists, and real people dealing with everyday life, whether they were on the open sea, in the Colorado backcountry, or down the block.

The question was how to get the experience, education, and training from the right people; film pros that had in-the-field knowledge and would challenge me to think about every element of the storytelling process, from the philosophy behind the Hero’s Journey, to the logic of creating an intricate scene, to the brass tacks skills it would take to shoot quality footage, edit it, and produce a finished project.

I waited a while to find that combination of experience and education but when I heard that Michael Brown was starting a film school—and an adventure film school at that—I salivated at the idea of learning from the director of Farther than the Eye Can See and so many documentary productions, I can’t count—and I doubt if he can either.

Over the course of three separate schools with Serac Adventure Films, I completed a backcountry expedition to Peru’s Machu Picchu– which I filmed and turned into a 13-minute movie devoted to travel, adventure, and family– got schooled in the basics of editing in Final Cut Pro, and learned the art of creating short, web-ready clips.

Whether we’re creating a two-minute gear review or a five-minute travel film, my staff and I regularly use these tools and teachings on Backpacker.com. We even asked Serac to take our staff on a private, in-the-field training, getting them prepared to shoot in the field on assignment and edit the finished film.

I acquired more practical knowledge of adventure filmmaking with Serac than I did in almost four years of film school. Because of their philosophy of experiential learning combined with practical application, I’ve been able to use those skills both in work and play with great success.

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