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Before Enrollment

How much do the courses cost and what is included in course tuition?

Domestic week-long courses cost an average of $2,595 for a full inclusive seven days of on location shooting and editing .&amp one month of pre-produciton.
Tuition includes:

  • Pre-production consulting
  • Orientation dinner
  • Filmmaking instruction
  • All course materials
  • Some meals in the field, sometimes dependent on schools
  • All editing and post-production instruction
  • Student film festival celebration

International schools cost an average of $7,000 and generally entail two weeks in the field and one week of editing.
Tuition includes:

  • Pre-production consulting
  • Filmmaking instruction
  • Professional guiding service
  • All food and lodging while abroad
  • All course materials
  • Orientation dinner
  • All editing and post-production instruction
  • Student film festival celebration

What are participants responsible for?

For week-long domestic courses:

  • Travel to and from the school’s location
  • Discounted hotel rooms (while not out in the field)
  • Personal outdoor gear (when applicable)
  • Video camera and accessories
  • External hard drive (for media storage)
  • Some meals (variable per course)

For international expeditions:

  • Travel to and from the school’s location
  • Personal outdoor gear
  • Video camera and accessories
  • External hard drive (for media storage)
  • Discounted hotel rooms for Boulder editing session
  • All meals during Boulder editing session (except for orientation dinner)

How do I ensure that I get the “early bird” tuition rate?

To get the early bird rate, students must pay their 30% course deposit by the early bird end date.

Are there tuition scholarships available?

We are currently pursuing opportunities with different sponsors that may create scholarships. Please contact us or check out our facebook page for details. We do offer discounted adventures to friends and family members who come along as film subjects for participant films. We also offer tuition discounts for returning alumni.

Are there gear, equipment, & financial sponsorship opportunities available?

Yes, we’ve had participants in the past reach out to companies for sponsorships and who have had success! Contact us today to help guide you through the process of pursuing sponsorships to help fund your trip.

Who attends the Outside Adventure Film School?

All ages, demographics, and nationalities with an interest in filming and the outdoors attend the Outside Adventure Film School.

How far in advance do I have to reserve my spot for the Adventure Film School?

The sooner the better. We recommend reserving at least 2 months in advance. This may come as a benefit, as you may get the early bird price.

How much filmmaking experience is required to enroll in our courses?

You don’t need any previous experience. We are delighted to help our participants even if they are starting at square one. However, for these participants we do require that you take our pre-production exercises seriously so you are well prepared to shoot and edit your film on the course. We also have many highly experienced students on our courses, and for these students we provide advanced-level instruction to build on their existing skill sets.

How should I train for the course?

A good start is to create a plan based on cardiovascular fitness throughout the week. Increase the duration of your workouts as you progress and consult with our crew members & guides for assistance and to answer some any of your questions.

What happens if different people on an expedition have different ability levels?

The team is only as strong as its weakest member! There will be multiple guides on the expedition, and depending on varying ability levels, the guides may split into different groups to accommodate everyone’s fitness level.

What is the participant to instructor ratio?

We strive for a ratio of one instructor for every four participants. This allows for one-to-one training at many times during the course and ensures that all participants receive excellent mentoring throughout each stage of the filmmaking process.

What filmmaking topics are covered in an Outside Adventure Film School course?

  • How to create treatments and storyboards and plan your shoot
  • How to pitch your story, talking to different audiences
  • How to shoot professional-quality video and audio
  • How to conduct interviews
  • How to work in adventurous conditions (wind, rain, snow, dust, etc.)
  • How to write and use narration when necessary
  • How to structure a compelling story
  • How to edit quickly and effectively using Final Cut Pro
  • How to add music to your video
  • How to create graphics and titles in the edit room
  • How to create a professional-quality audio mix
  • How to compress your video for various outlets (web, DVD, etc)
  • How to upload your video to various web outlets
  • How to distribute your video
  • How to handle the legal, copyright and music licensing aspects of the business
  • How to create films that will be accepted into film festivals and, with hard work and dedication, WIN AWARDS!

Can I get college credit for these courses?

At this time we do not offer college credit. However, our Adventure Film School prides itself on hands-on learning and the training you receive is immediately applicable. The primary goal of each course is for its’ participants to walk away from the school with the confidence and skills to continue making their own films well into the future.

If I am traveling solo, will I have a private room or will I have roommates?

We like to room solo travelers together to promote camaraderie, but if you desire a private room we will make those arrangements.

Can I make my own travel arrangements?

You may make your own flight arrangements and itinerary if you wish; and encourage you to stay and explore these amazing and beautiful locations longer than the intended course dates. Please be communication regarding your travel arrangements so we can sort logistics.

Do I need a visa to participate in courses abroad?

The need for visas depends on the course and we will notify you if visas are necessary. You will need a current passport for all international courses.

What is your refund policy if I cannot attend after signing up?


What does “Pre-Production” entail?

In the weeks leading up to your course, we work with you to develop the storytelling and writing aspects of your filmmaking skills. We send you our Adventure Film School Production Manual full of valuable tips, tricks and examples of outstanding filmmaking. We host a group Skype conversation to introduce course mentors & fellow course members for introductions and pre-production work. The group call will allow you to start practicing the steps of writing a treatment, storyboarding and pitching. We also provide and encourage you to familiarize yourself with our list of resources, books, websites, and video tutorials. AFS staff & instructors are such a great resource for understanding the whole process of filmmaking and are here to answer any of your concerns or questions.

Should I bring my own camera?

Yes. The camera should have a FireWire output and be compatible with Apple editing systems. Contact us for more info on specifications.

What outdoor equipment will I need for the schools?

We provide a comprehensive list of suggested items when you sign up for a film school. We will assist participants in finding the gear they need.

Do I have to carry my own gear?

On trips requiring gear transportation, each student is responsible for carrying daypacks with necessary camera equipment, extra clothing, snacks, water, and a distributed amount of group gear. Depending on the course, some of the gear will be carried by porters, sherpas, pack animal, or other means.


What happens on courses?

Once we travel to our location you will hit the ground running, getting footage, interviews and other important story pieces together. AFS team will be on hand to instruct on everything from shot composition and sound recording to capturing important pieces of your story. We will help those who are just learning to use their cameras, and will lend higher level advice to those who already have experience shooting.

Post Production

What does “Post-Production” entail?

Back at our editing headquarters, AFS instructors will demonstrate a system for organizing your footage in your editing software. We are able to cater to students with varying levels of experience in your editing software, though we strongly encourage true beginners to get experience with the program by experimenting with and using on-line tutorials prior to the course. No matter your experience, every participant will have a completed film, directed, shot, and edited by you, to show at our student film festival to conclude the course.

Who owns the footage I shoot?

Participants share the rights to the footage with the Adventure Film School. This agreement legally allows us to promote the Adventure Film School while furthering participant opportunities by posting the footage and films across the internet, submitting to film festivals, and airing them on television. Participants are able to use the material they shoot for their reels and other films as well.

How can I contact Adventure Film School?

Adventure Film School
Boulder, CO & Seattle, WA
p: (425) 224-6449
Contact us today!