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  1. Google Hangout – Welcome & Treatments
  2. Google Hangout – Story Development & Cinematography Basics
  3. Google Hangout – Visualization
  4. Google Hangout – Pre-production Wrap Up

Google Hangout 5/5/15 – Welcome


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Google Hangout 5/12/15 – Visualization & Cinematography Basics

Before we started the class, we each watched the animated short below regarding the Hero’s journey. This cycle exists in almost every journey. Not unlike the journey you are on right now. 😉

Smaller class in our last session, but after chatting with you at various points, everyone is in a similar place. GOOD NEWS! Whether or not it feels like it, you’re on the right track.

Writing & story development can be difficult – especially when learning a new technique or skill. If you have felt unsure, bogged down, or not sure how this is going to come together, you’re in the right place. That is part of the process. Like all great ideas, most don’t come with instant clarity. They are crafted and honed over time. It’s a clay block needing to be shaped. This is why we continually ask you what your story is.

The process of writing it and saying it will continue to sharpen and refine your idea. So tell your friends, your family, or a random stranger who asks about your day. Practice. Remember – The art of creating, is a muscle that must be developed and exercised. Only then does it become easier. The KEY and most important thing is to continue pushing. What you’re writing now, even if it will be thrown out or is a muddled mess — it is the way forward. So keep going. You’re doing the exact-right-thing. To add more food for thought, take a look at the talk by Austin Kleon below.


Today we discussed visualization & cinematography basics. This is the foundation for where we are heading, and how you will evolve your story into a film. Don’t be too overwhelmed with all that’s said here. We will continue to review these concepts. Right now, familiarize yourself with the terms and start studying films. Steal like an artist.




We will check-in this week for updated progress. Send us drafts as you have them.

Google Hangout – Visualization


  • Examples of Shot Lists
    • The point of the shot list isn’t the format. It’s about tracking your ideas during production and communicating with your crew. Certain productions may require more or less detail.
    • For this course: Focus on identifying key shots that make/define your story. Plan your days loosely. When will it be best to do interviews? Do you need sunrise/sunset? Do you need timelapses? Do you need props? People? Can you group use of props/people/location to make shooting more efficient?
    • A range of shot list styles provided below:
  • Examples of StoryboardsDiscussion
  • Scouting

Google Hangout – Pre-production Wrap Up

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