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This page will be an ongoing resource for our upcoming Time-lapse Workshop. If we’ve forgotten anything, let us know!

Feel free to use instructors@adventurefilmschool.com or call us at 425.224.6449 for any questions.


Here is an article full of video tutorials on Timelapses. Review the article and videos to get a better understanding of what is in store for the upcoming course!


Camera/ Editing Equipment20141014_Nasa Koski_Moab_9976

The best way to keep shooting while in the backcountry is to bring sufficient cards and batteries for our field days. Here’s a great blog post about gear prep for timelapses and many more on shooting timelapses.

Camera Gear
 DSLR Camera & Lenses
 Camera Batteries
 Cards / Media (no more than 6 hours worth)
 Chargers
 Camera Bag
 Rain covers – Plastic bags work fine

Sound Equipment
 External microphone with wind softie (optional)
 External recorder (optional)

 Light tripod
 Camera Cleaning supplies (lens cloth, lens solution, squeezable blower)
 Cables / Card Readers
 Intervalometer (check to see what your camera requires)
 Kessler timelapse app on smartphone (optional, but recommended)
 Small supply of gaff tape (optional)

Editing Gear
 External Hard Drive w/ at least 300GB of space & cables. Avoid USB 2.0.
 Suitable computer with editing software (Aperture or Lightroom and LR Timelapse)
 Comfortable headphones

Backcountry Gear

20141012_Nasa Koski_Moab_9928

Please note: We will be camping in the desert in April. Temperatures can range significantly from warm dry temps in the 70s F during the day – providing for wonderful hiking & filming weather, to cold nights in the low 40s F. There can also be occasional thunderstorms and rapid temperature drops within a short period of time. To prepare, we suggest having multiple layers, a warm sleeping bag, and water & wind proof outer layers. Do not wear cotton, as it can quickly wick away warmth when wet. Follow the checklist below for your personal packing – and let us know if you don’t have something or have questions.


Individual Gear

 Extra snacks (1/2 cup trail mix per day or 2 bars per day)
 Duffle / Backpack (50-60L for all gear)
 Day pack (25-40 liters)
 Sleeping bag (at least rated for 40°)
 Sleeping Pad
 Two 1L water bottles or 2L bladder (minimum)
 Headlamp
 Bowl, cup and spork
 Lip Balm
 Toiletries
 Sunscreen (SPF 30+)
 Personal foot/first aid – (moleskin and tape)
 Personal medications

 Long underwear – top & bottom (synthetic or wool)
 Wind blocking but breathable pants (hiking style/synthetic)
 Mid layer sweater (fleece or wool)
 Parka style warm jacket (down or synthetic)
 Wind/Rain jacket with hood & pant
 Warm Hat that covers your ears
 2 gloves/mittens (1 waterproof & 1 liner)
 2-3 socks (synthetic or wool)
 Comfortable hiking boots
 Sunglasses
 T-shirt (optional)
 Neck Gaiter / Scarf (optional but highly recommended!)

Miscellaneous Items
 Heavy duty plastic trash / yard waste bags (for waterproofing)
 Bandana (optional)
 Notepad & pencil (small size)
 Small pocket knife
 Small supply of Duct Tape (optional)
 Watch with alarm (optional)
 Hat with brim or visor (optional)

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