Keith Partridge, Instructor for Adventure Film School on locationCapturing the essence of adventure in over 60 extreme films has taken cameraman and film-maker Keith Partridge to some of the worlds most hostile and spectacular environments.  His background has enabled him to develop shooting techniques that have catapulted the viewer to the steepest of rock faces, the most challenging of ice and the remotest of locations where strong team work, extreme levels of motivation and dynamic leadership are vital for success.  At the forefront of extreme film-making, his work has been shown on the BBC, Discovery, Channel 4, ITV, National Geographic, Pathe Films and 20th Century Fox.   

From the Eiger’s North Face, the Arctic and Alaska to the white-water caves of Papua New Guinea, and the summit of Everest, Keith has been pushing the limits of extreme filming for television and cinema.  In 2004 Keith was presented with the International Explorers Festival ‘Camera Extreme’ Award for his work on series’ such as the multi award winning ‘Wild Climbs’ for the BBC and on the documentary feature film of Joe Simpson’s ‘Touching the Void’. In 2012 he fulfilled an 88 year old Olympic pledge alongside mountaineer Kenton Cool by delivering an Olympic Gold medal to the summit of Mount Everest and subsequently was an Olympic Torch Bearer in London.  In the same year he was awarded an Emmy for Outstanding Cinematography for the BBC’s Human Planet series.

Keith has written articles that have appeared in many of the UK’s climbing and outdoor magazines. His upcoming book ‘The Adventure Game – a cameraman’s tales from films at the edge’ is soon to be released this summer (June 2015). The book charts his experiences of over twenty years of filming adventures.

Why You’ll Love Keith

When you sit down next to Keith on a Saturday night at the pub, you’ll think “oh, here’s a lovely chap”. But as you get deeper into random life stories, he will blow your mind. From documentary feature, to television, to commercial there are very few who can match Keith’s experience in some of the most remote & crazy places on the planet. His storytelling capability not only make him a fascinating filmmaker, but an amazing teacher as well. Above this, Keith is a MacGyver in the field. If you’re interested in finding/building unique tools to get the job done, Keith can probably help you dream up some ideas – or even more likely, he’s already done it. Just give him some climbing nuts and a battery, and he’ll soon have your stranded vehicle, in backwoods nowhere, jumpstarted. True story.

Some of Our Favorite Works

Adventure Filmmaker Keith Partridge Keith Partridge Adventure Game Book Cover