Alpine Backpacking +
Filmmaking Workshop

July 1-5, 2020 // Seattle, WA

About the Course

Join the Adventure Film School this summer for a little backpacking in the beautiful Pacific Northwest backcountry.  There’s no better backdrop than to practice your adventure filmmaking skills surrounded by lush green hiking, alpine lake fishing, and fir tree hammock-ing.

Hike out Friday and dive straight into learning the art of editing your film. Watch, learn, and craft your very own 5min adventure film with the review and help of our professional storytellers!

This adventure is perfect for beginners looking to form their adventures into short films they can share with their friends and family, as well as experienced filmmakers looking to break into video production for adventure brands.

Dive into storytelling. Camp amongst the pine trees. Learn how to edit. Walk away a filmmaker.

What You'll Learn

Grab your backpack, camera, hiking boots, and story idea, and join us for a special Pacific Northwest style Adventure Film Workshop.

Story Development

Character development. 3 act structures. Hook & entertain your audience.

Tools of Trade

Use sliders, jibs, motion control and more to motivate your shot. Understand how to use them, and common reasons why.

Data Management

Workflow techniques for field & studio. Learn to organize, archive, and manage your files.

Editing Techniques

Efficient workflow for additive editing. Learn how editing can effect the mood and style of your film.

Camera Techniques

Shot types, lensing, and composition, are just some of the ways we’ll discuss delivering a visual story.

Sound Recording

Getting on location sound. Mic talent, record natural sound and manage uncontrolled spaces.


Work with natural light. Learn to shape & motivate light for a scene.


Learn the basics of sound design & color correct before exporting your final render.

What to Expect

Spend a weekend enjoying hiking, exploring, and filming in the Washington Backcountry, and then come back to the city to edit your film during 3 evening sessions.

In partnership with a few of our favorite brands, you’ll have fun lifestyle props, and the beautiful backdrop of the Cascades.



You're not just capturing the backcountry lifestyle, you're living it. Fill your days with hiking, swinging in hammocks, swimming in alpine lakes, fishing, and even floating in our pack raft.

After a long day, unwind back at camp in a hammock, enjoy a yummy meal, get in a few night sky timelapses, and review your footage.


Capture the Story

Our field sessions are designed to help you learn in a fun, hands-on experience. Combine outdoor skills with filmmaking. Immerse yourself into moving & working with your camera, working in remote areas, using available light, wilderness skills.


Edit Your Film

Come back to the city and begin your edit with our flexible edit days. You have the option to work in the day (remotely or locally) and then join the group for evening instruction or get further ahead and dedicate full days to your film.

Dive into media management, additive editing, sound design, and more.

What’s Included

Registration includes transportation to and from the trailhead, backcountry meals, roomy tents, a shared kitchen, and group first-aid. It also includes in-town shared accommodation during our edit session Fri-Sun. In-town meals not included, but we will go grocery shopping as a group and you can buy what you need.

Upon registration you’ll be given a participant packet with a gear packing list and trip logistics. We will also review on our pre-production meetings to help you prepare. If you have any questions about specific gear, please don’t hesitate to chat with us. You don’t need to buy new gear. We have many options to borrow or rent both for backcountry use and camera kit.


No more shooting random shots in the backcountry only to collect dust on a hard drive. Bring your adventure story to life.

Want to bring a friend to star or help with your film? Email us for our companion pricing.

Registration closes May 1, 2020.



Learn to develop a story, shot-list, and gear up for your shoot. Join online Google Hangout sessions to work with your group and our instructors to develop your story. Dive deep into aspects of storytelling, and take a look at filmmaking techniques to visual represent your story.

Time to shoot! Work along side our seasoned instructors to bring your vision to life. We'll be backpacking and camping for 2 evenings at a remote backcountry lake. You will gain hands-on experience with camera techniques, shooting for the edit, working with natural light, and capturing sound on location. Capture the alpine lifestyle of camping at waters edge, fly fishing, pack rafting, swimming, hiking and more. Truly immerse yourself in the adventure while learning how to shoot and film your story.

We'll review media management techniques, organize your project for efficient editing, learn tips & tricks to speed up the edit process and if time allows, dig into color correction/grading, sound mixing, and more.

Meet Your Crew

Brittany Aäe

Model / Tenkara USA Guide

Nasa Koski

Director of Photography