HEXO+ Autonomous Drone for Adventure & Action Sports Filmmakers

Worldclass snowboarder Xavier De Le Rue and Squadrone Systems are working on the world’s first autonomous drone for adventure & action sports filmmakers. Meet HEXO+. Posted on Kickstarter to help launch the first batch, the team meet their original 50K goal within 5 hours of launching, proving once again the interest in aerial photography is in hot demand.…
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Camera Basics: Composition & Angles

The basics for camera angles and composition are fairly easy to understand and to remember.  The hard part is actually getting it down well enough to use the “rules” artistically and creatively. The rule of thirds is the key rule you should know when framing a shot, particularly with people in the shot. …
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Starting Small

Plastic bags. They clog drawers, landfills, coastlines and trailheads. Recycling them is confusing and inefficient. But what if there was a way to turn the trash into something of value? Enter Industrial Designer Will Wells. Today, we bring you our annual Year of Big Ideas.…
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