GoPro Mountain Games

GoPro Mountain Games

5-Day Film School


JUNE 7 – 11


5 Days


$ 2,759

Activity Level


A lot more action. A little less trail.

flip, spin, chomp, slip, slide, bounce, drum, crimp, dyno

GoPro Mountain Games is the perfect combination of adventure sport and learning environment. With over 50,000 in attendance every year, athletes & spectators converge to compete in 9 sports across 25 disciplines. There is plenty of opportunity to get cameras wet, muddy, and focus on world-class athletes, music, and art.

A huge benefit of your course is a VIP all access media pass. Unlike a normal spectator, you’ll get up-close to the action by entering roped off areas. We’ll help you pre-arrange access to athletes, or skip the crowd concert mob and be front & center at the stage. You’ll learn how to approach athletes for interviews, strategies to capture audio in an loud event environment, and continually hone your story as you work.

The mountain games story possibilities are endless! Our filmmaking industry mentors are so excited to help you learn how to create your own adventure film. We are here to share the best techniques for capturing action, shooting for the edit, how to upload and start the editing process, and answer questions around the making film a career.

Online Story Development
Work with instructors prior to the in-field days to map out your story. Understand how to turn a brainstorming session into a story concept.

Day 1 – 3
Begin filming and working with instructors 1:1.Mixed with the excitement of watching athletes compete in multi-sporting events, Scout the lay of the land, practice camera techniques, and play with a variety of camera equipment. Each evening receive collaborative feedback from instructors during our student footage review.

Day 4 & 5
In addition to capturing the footage needed during the day around the valley of Vail and all the GoPro Mountain Games – begin the editing process. Each night, dive into what it takes to piece, edit, and layout your footage into a story. Working with instructors on the flow, data management, and plot line – you will walk away a confident storyteller. You’ll learn how to organize your thoughts into a story, while asking and getting all of your questions answered by our instructors. Feel like you’re on a specific level and looking to move to the next? Our team of filmmaking instructors are capable of meeting each particpant at their level and providing enough feedback, support, and encouragement to make you reach your goals. Breaking into the business, and how to land jobs are definitely subjects covered during our film school.

  • Three P's

    Pre-Production. Production. Post. A complete filmmaking experience.

  • Make Connections

    Not your standard 9-5. Day-to-night, we’re a team. Connect & build relationships that will last beyond the course.

  • Less Talking. More Doing.

    The world is your classroom. Learn by doing.

What You'll Learn

Story Development

Character development. 3 act structures. Hook & entertain your audience.

Tools of Trade

Use sliders, jibs, motion control and more to motivate your shot. Understand how to use them, and common reasons why.


Sleep? What’s that? Learn timelapse techniques including day, night, and day-to-night.

Visual Storytelling

Shot types, lensing, and composition, are just some of the ways we’ll discuss delivering a visual story.

Sound Recording

Getting on location sound. Mic talent, record natural sound and manage uncontrolled spaces.


Work with natural light. Learn to shape & motivate light for a scene.

Data Management

Workflow techniques for field & studio. Prep for post-production.

Editing Techniques

Efficient workflow for additive editing. Learn how editing can effect the mood and style of your film.


Learn the basics of sound design & color correct before exporting your final render.

3 Hour Film & Storytelling Sessions


JUNE 8,9,10,11


3 Hours


$ 275

Activity Level


Hands-on Action Film 3Hr Workshop

For the first time this year, we’re offering 3-hour workshops to during the games to tune your camera techniques and visual storytelling skills.

We’ll cover camera angles, the best sequences are for telling a compelling story, and work with you 1:1 on some of your burning questions. Learn to shoot during one of the largest multi-sporting events with our expert staff.

No prior film experience needed. No camera? No problem. Use on of our handy GoPros during the course and take home all your footage.

What You'll Learn

  • Collaborative Instruction

    Your film is our film. We’ll be collaborating with you every step of the way. Our small group size means more individual attention to focus on what you’re looking to learn.

  • Crew Management

    It’s official. You’re part of the crew. Gain inspiration and bounce around creative ideas with your new friends.

  • Storytelling & Camera Techniques

    Learn what specific camera techniques it takes to really tell a story through artistic action shots.

  • Networking

    Gain the confident and experience to feel part of this new community! Welcome!

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