Brilliant Pitching Takes Balls

Pitching your film is crucial to getting people excited about the idea of making your film, seeing your film and enticing them to jump on board and want to invest in some way to get your film shot and distributed.

Your pitch should be around a minute long.  Hence it’s other name, “the elevator pitch,” because an elevator ride is about all the time some big-wig has for you and who also has the money and connections to fund and support your film, that is, if they like it.

So you gotta hook ‘em! Those first few words out of your mouth need to intrigue in the purest sense of the word.  You’ve got to be excited about what you’re saying, be animated and enthusiastic, but not obnoxious, and don’t expect anything more than a straight-faced stare back.  It’s also best not to give away the ending, that’s the whole point of enticing someone right?

The best way to pull all this off is to know your story inside and out and how to succinctly tell it in a variety of different ways that doesn’t seem rehearsed.  But do rehearse.  Say it a million times in a million different ways to the mirror or your Nana.  She’d love a visit!

Finally, grow some juevos and pitch your film!  Just be prepared for questions and for rejection.  No crying either.


Follow the link below to see more example pitches from past winning directors at the Tribeca Film Festival.