GoPro’s Adventure Drone: The Hexocopter

GoPro HexocopterOne more reason to join Adventure Film School at the GoPro Mountain Games in Vail, Colorado; the new GoPro Hextopter Drone!

As if you really needed another reason right? Well, I’m giving you a sneak preview to the grand release of GoPro’s newest “accessory.” The Hextopter Drone is a six-bladed radio controlled drone that can also carry six GoPro’s, that’s right six GoPro’s!

Let’s start with some of the general specs before I get too carried away. First things first, the 4-axis Gimbal system – an upgrade from the normal 3-axis gimbals of yesterday, the 4-axis Gimbal offers unprecedented camera stabilization. The new power saving tech behind their electronic setup is fantastic as well. With only one GoPro attached, you get an average flight time of 45 minutes per battery and with all six GoPro’s attached you still get the normal 15 minutes of air time. Mind. Blown.

The usual GPS-Based stabilization is there too, with a major upgrade; the ability to utilize the GoPro App for plotting points for virtually hands-free flying and motion controlled shots that are consistently the same. And with up to a 3-mile radio range, you can have the longest “slider” shot known to mankind!

GoProSextoCopter_flyingOne of the biggest perks to an all-GoPro made setup is the integration with, not only the app, but the live view feed from a boosted proprietary WiFi system that also carries that 3-mile range. Soon we’ll be at the Emmy’s for best continuous shot.

Back to my original stoke, six cameras recording 360 degrees. With each of those six Hero 4’s recording at 4K, I just can’t help but think how much glorious Matrix-like footage will come about. Seriously, will this break us into the 4th dimension? Not to mention, never missing an angle, a piece of the action, or not having enough coverage. I think I just peed a little.


Speaking of, make sure you come see this glorious phenomenon in June at this year’s GoPro Mountain Games and Happy April First from AFS!