Get into the action.

Grab your VIP media pass and your camera and come to the GoPro Mountain Games. With over 50,000 in attendance every year, there is plenty of opportunity to get cameras wet, muddy, and focus on world-class athletes, music, and art.

Unlike a normal spectator, you’ll get up-close to the action by entering roped off areas. We’ll help you pre-arrange access to athletes, or skip the crowd concert mob and be front & center at the stage. You’ll learn how to approach athletes for interviews, and hone your story as you work.

What You'll Learn

Just have a few hours? Join us for a 3-hour clinic working on your camera and visual storytelling skills. Otherwise, grab your camera, and join us for an immersive 5-day course.

3-Hour Camera Techniques Clinic

For the first time this year, we’re offering 3-hour workshops to during the games to tune your camera techniques and visual storytelling skills.

We’ll cover camera angles, the best sequences are for telling a compelling story, and work with you 1:1 on some of your burning questions. Learn to shoot during one of the largest multi-sporting events with our expert staff.

No prior film experience needed. No camera? No problem. Use on of our handy GoPros during the course and take home all your footage.

Camera Techniques

Get into the action and work with our instructors to improve your technical skills with your camera such as exposure, framing, and camera movement.

Visual Storytelling

Learn what specific camera techniques it takes to really tell a story through artistic action shots.

Tricks of the Trade

Use our tricks of the trade to get the most out of your most basic camera gear to keep it fast & light when traveling in the backcountry.

Shoot for the Edit

Spray & pray no more. Learn how to think & shoot in edit sequences which will save your batteries in the field and time in the edit cave.
5-Day Filmmaking Course

What story do you want to tell? What are the first steps toward developing this story? Spend Friday developing your story. Learn storytelling techniques on how to plan and shoot these ideas. Then spend all day Saturday shooting. Do all this while playing in the snow and having a cozy back country yurt to call home at the end of the day.

On Sunday & Monday experience what the “editing cave” is all about. We intentionally compress edit time to keep you moving toward a deadline. You’ll be surprised what you can accomplish in such a short timeframe! Learn to optimize for the edit. Create sequences and learn how to add audio, sound effects and choose that perfect sountrack. Put the final touches on your film before showing it at our mini film festival Monday evening.

Story Development

Character development. 3 act structures. Hook & entertain your audience.

Tools of Trade

Use sliders, jibs, motion control and more to motivate your shot. Understand how to use them, and common reasons why.

Data Management

Workflow techniques for field & studio. Learn to organize, archive, and manage your files.

Editing Techniques

Efficient workflow for additive editing. Learn how editing can effect the mood and style of your film.

Visual Storytelling

Shot types, lensing, and composition, are just some of the ways we’ll discuss delivering a visual story.

Sound Recording

Getting on location sound. Mic talent, record natural sound and manage uncontrolled spaces.


Work with natural light. Learn to shape & motivate light for a scene.


Learn the basics of sound design & color correct before exporting your final render.

3 Hour Camera Techniques Clinic
    5-Day Filmmaking Course

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