Jim Aikman


Jim is an award-winning documentary filmmaker and commercial director. He specializes in mountain sports, unique characters and exciting adventures around the world, from the high mountains of the Himalaya to the bottomless crevasses of Alaska. With degrees in Film and English Literature from the University of Michigan and more than a decade of experience in the film industry, Jim has cultivated a deep interest in history and narrative theory and is as comfortable behind the camera as he is in the editing bay. Most recently, he directed an episode of ‘Religion of Sports,’ an acclaimed series for Direct TV.

What You’ll Love About Jim

Storytelling. Check! Camera work. Check! Editing. Check! What’s not to love? Jim has been known to tackle big projects of assorted footage and weave them into masterful stories. His feature length adventure films have toured internationally and captivated audiences. Working both in production companies and also as a freelancer, Jim understands the ebbs and flow of the business. He’s living it, like we all are, and that makes him easy to relate to. Whether hanging from a cliff, hiking into the backcountry, or fighting it out in the edit cave, Jim brings insightful discussion and lessons from field.

Some of Our Favorite Works