Liz Hampton


Born and raised amongst the pines of the Pacific North West, Liz’s curiosity for adventure has led her to capture visually inspiring destinations. Her love of the outdoors and production gave her the opportunity to host of a backcountry cooking series for “Outside” a prominent outdoor brand. Since 2013 she’s produced multiple backcountry films and managed production for adventure filmmaking workshops with the Adventure Film School as the Program Manager. During this time she has also been the assistant director of production for the tourism team “Tourism Saskatoon, Saskatchewan” to produce a three part series alongside Cinescapes Collective. Currently she leads fast film workshops and competitions during adventure film festivals all over the United States. She fully enjoys helping aspiring film makers to reach their full potential both on the big screen and in the home.

Why You’ll Love Liz

Liz is a master of organization & logistics. She’s a keen problem solver, food fanatic, and connector. If you lose your way on the course, forget something, need to find a resource, Liz can make it happen. Though she wouldn’t claim herself to be a filmmaker, her passion in the outdoors, creativity, and organization make her a great collaborator & person who can help you accomplish your project. She’s never afraid to explore new ideas, and laugh at her mistakes.

Some of Our Favorite Works