Adventure Filmmaker Jim Aikman captures a selfie while on location in NepalJim Aikman is a filmmaker and photographer from Boulder, Colorado. He specializes in adventure film and promotional video, with a focus on organic story telling and cutting edge imagery. He’s worked in locations all over world, often collaborating with leading production companies to produce media for a variety of clients across industries. Location experience includes Nepal, Peru, Alaska, Thailand, Mexico, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and all over the American west.

What You’ll Love Jim

Storytelling. Check! Camera work. Check! Editing. Check! What’s not to love? Jim has been known to tackle big projects of assorted footage and weave them into masterful stories. His feature length adventure films have toured internationally and captivated audiences. Working both in production companies and also as a freelancer, Jim understands the ebbs and flow of the business. He’s living it, like we all are, and that makes him easy to relate to. Whether hanging from a cliff, hiking into the backcountry, or fighting it out in the edit cave, Jim brings insightful discussion and lessons from field.

Some of Our Favorite Works