About Us

We’ve been there. Adventure Film School is the resource we wish we had back then, and grateful we have now.

Our instructors specialize in adventure filmmaking & outdoor photography, wielding cameras in the world’s most intense environments. In our careers, we’ve learned through mentorship, community, and hard knocks. As filmmakers & photographers, we’re not just getting up the mountain… we’re one part storyteller, and one part expedition member. Shooting in these conditions requires multiple skill-sets from outdoor skills, camera skills, storytelling, decision making, handling stress & more.

We’re passionate about sharing our craft with the community. What we’ve come to realize is there’s no substitute for experience. That’s why we started Adventure Film School. From story development to screen, Adventure Film School provides immersive film & photography instruction by putting you close to the action while working with award winning filmmakers to accelerate your learning. The world is our classroom!

Let us show you what we know.

Meet the Team

Jason Houston

Photo Journalist

Ryan Van Duzer

Host / Content Creator / Motivational Speaker

Liz Hampton


Nasa Koski

Director of Photography

Michael Brown

Director of Photography

Keith Partridge

Director of Photography

Jim Aikman


Ben Sturgulewski

Director of Photography