Intern Adventures: Inspiration at 5Point Film Festival

Storytelling has the power to take us to a different place and imprint a picture in our minds that stays with us and moves us in ways we didn’t know were possible. There are certain films that have the ability to challenge and motivate us and help us to see things through a new lens. 5 Point Film Festival finds these stories that make the audience feel alive and leave a lasting impression long after the credits roll.

I was fortunate enough to spend four days in Carbondale, Colorado surrounded by inspiring people who all shared a passion for life and a desire to experience all that it has to offer. It is a really unique experience to be able to sit in a theatre and watch these incredible stories and then look around and see the faces behind the films. I think sometimes it is easy to forget that the videos we watch are real people and that the adventures and stories they are capturing and sharing are not scripted or made up.

Being able to meet the filmmakers and talk to them about their journeys brought it all to life and gave the films an even greater power. Spending a weekend with this small community also made me realize just how connected and close everyone in the adventure filmmaker world is. Everyone has created really strong bonds with one another from going on these incredible adventures and spending hours editing footage and putting together their stories to be shared. From the lowest points to the summits everyone is sharing these experiences and its obvious that there is a close knit community of individuals who share common goals and thrive off of each others creativity.

I was really inspired by everyone that was at the festival whether it be the filmmakers, athletes or just locals that come to the festival every year. There was so much positive energy and everyone shared a true appreciation for adventure and for creative storytelling.