BeeWorks 5 Lightweight Gimbal Innovates Kinetic Remote

Seattle-based tech company BeeWorks is developing the next generation of camera stabilizers. Aimed at lightweight camera setups, the BW05 can support a camera + lens up to 5 lbs.  Launching their new product on Kickstarter, they need to raise 75K to move their prototypes into full production.

The BeeWorks 5’s clean design is as functional as it is beautiful. Machined in Seattle from aerospace-grade aluminum, the lightweight and durable design houses cables and custom electronics internally and looks great in more formal settings

Subtle details further separate the BeeWorks 5 from other stabilizers on the market.

+Internal HDMI routes video signals from the camera up to a monitor mounted on the handlebar.

+An adapter on the camera platform discreetly mounts and powers a Paralinx Arrow Plus transmitter for realtime wireless HD video streaming.

+The asymmetric design makes the stabilizer inherently more balanced and, coupled with aluminum thumb screws for all adjustment points, makes the BeeWorks 5 easy to balance in seconds.

With current prototypes weighing in at 4.06 lbs, it’s more than half the weight of the popular DJI Ronin and still lighter than the Movi M5. Due to it’s smaller size, it’s designed to fit in a FAA-regulation carry-on case. What we find the most intriguing about the system is the intuitive kinetic remote that moves as you move the remote.

A high quality, lightweight gimbal system could be an useful tool for adventure filmmakers already battling heavy kits in remote terrain. We’re definitely keeping an eye on this company and can’t wait to see how this system performs in the real-world.