Rhino Slider EVO + Rhino Motion

As an adventure filmmaker, it is always a challenge to find gear that is durable, stable and lightweight while still withstanding tough conditions and continue working on the side of the mountain.

Rhino Slider 2We had the chance to test out Rhino Camera Gear’s new motorized camera slider – the Rhino Slider Evo – and were extremely impressed with how durable and stable it was despite its feather weight. When I first got my hands on it, I was surprised at how light the rails were. What sets this slider apart is the ability to swap between carbon fiber and stainless steel rails to support heavier camera setups without having to buy an entirely new slider.

Some of the features of the new slider include:

  • pro rails for off-ground tripod shots with heavy setup
  • light weight carbon rails (great for filming mini docs in the mountains)
  • smoother motion and a carriage that evenly distributes the weight of the camera setup
  • carriage brakes and rubber feet for stability on any surface

Rhino Slider

Their kickstarter launch also introduced Rhino Motion which is the most impressive part of the slider system. The control is a single unit system, with a built-in battery, so that you can capture stunning live motion and timelapse without having to use any external batteries or swap motors. I got to test out the Rhino Motion first hand. It’s wheel was an intuitive way to not only control the slide moves, but also navigate the menus. With just the turn of the wheel you can go from extremely slow movement to a faster slide for live action. The controller features the usual functions you’d come to expect: speed, direction, duration, keyframes, and ramps. While in operation, the controller display will show the percentage of the motion complete, how much time has elapsed, and the distance traveled – handy to check progress or start working on more advanced moves. I was particularly fond of the built-in magnets that allowed the controller to secure right onto the motor and continue operating.

For the adventure filmmaker or photographer looking for smooth motion, easy configuration and the ability to support heavy equipment in one seamless system– this slider is worth checking out. There’s only a couple days left in the campaign. Give it a look and see what you think.