Andrew Kramer & Video Copilot Visual FX

As the host of over 100 tutorials and creator of title sequences for TV’s Fringe and the film Star Trek, Andrew Kramer has participated in many forms of production and has greatly influenced the visual effects industry with his innovative plug-ins and tutorials. His story is an inspiring tale and his influence in the industry is truly incredible. At just 20 years old Andrew began working on his website Video Copilot and started releasing a handful of short After Effects tutorials. His interesting training style and unconventional humor intrigued viewers and explained powerful techniques for visual effects that were comprehensive and entertaining.

Video Copilot Tutorials

His site has since published over 40 hours of training videos and products used by creative professionals around the world. Video Copilot’s enormous online presence has led to collaborations with major companies and directors like JJ Abrams. The site continues to release exciting tutorials and products that are greatly influencing the visual effects community.

What we love about Andrew’s work is how he has been able to share his talent with the rest of the world in an innovative way. We love seeing people that are not only passionate about what they do but also passionate about sharing their knowledge with others. Andrew has influenced people all over the world and has developed a successful business while also prioritizing his family and maintaining his passion for his career. He continues to release content that is changing the industry and the combination of information and presentation is what has caught the attention of so many people and led to such a huge influence on the motion design community.

Check out Andrew’s recent Keynote Speech about building a creative career from the 2014 AE World Conference below.


“Go in the direction of what you love doing because people take notice of passionate people and of people who work hard.”

Here’s some of our favorite tutorials worth checking out:


Andrew explains how to create the illusion of cold breath and use color correction to cool the mood of the scene


This tutorial teaches you how to create an intricate design using built-in tools and utilizing advanced lightning and other procedural FX


This extensive tutorial takes a look at how to create the destroyed city effect within after effects

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